General Transcription

What does general transcription mean? 
We transcribe almost everything but technical matters such as medical transcription and legal proceedings that will be used in court.  We also do not provide on-site transcription.  You have to provide your audio file to us via our secure server, your server, or physical drop-off of your audio materials.
We offer general transcription services such as:
  • Conference, Workshop, and Business Proceedings

  • Business Meetings, Panel Discussions

  • Focus Group Discussions

  • Interviews, Speeches, Lectures

  • Teleconferences and Conference Calls

  • TV/Radio Shows and Programs

  • Press Briefings, Media Availability

  • Some Technical and Legal

For our published rates, please see our Rates page.  If you wish us to give you a free estimate of your project, please email us at or call us at 202-857-8000.

Let us help your office to transcribe that meeting, interview, conference, or focus groups.  You provide us with the audio files and we take care of the rest!