Audio recorded via teleconferences or phone conference are charged depending on how many speakers are in the audio. 

Two speakers (see also Interview):

from $4.00 per page, 5-7 business day delivery.

Three or more speakers (see also Meeting, Focus Groups, Conference Proceedings):

from $4.50 per page, 7 business day delivery (large projects delivered on a rolling basis)

Please make sure that your audio recording device is working properly.  Audio recorded via telephones can be difficult to transcribe due to poor audio quality.
All documents are formatted with 1 inch margins all around, Courier New 12 font, double spaced page.  For single-spaced, specific formats, or technical content, please call us at (202) 857-8000 or e-mail us at

Please our FAQ page for further info or contact us if you have any questions.
Notes about Transcription:

Additional charge for rush - 24-hour, 2-day, or 3-4 business day delivery.

All rates apply to clear and audible recording, with native or near-native English speakers, discussing general knowledge.

Difficult audio, such as "foreign" accents or non-native English speakers, audio source far from speakers, technical words (medical, legal, foreign words, industry-specific words, etc.), meetings with many cross-talking (as in focus groups), loud background noise that interferes from understanding the speaker's words, etc. are charged extra as it takes more time to transcribe.  If you have a question about your audio, please give us a call and we can provide an estimate of your work.

Rates apply to digital audio transferred directly to our secure site or downloaded from your site/ftp.  

We will provide you with a secure link to upload your audio.